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SuperVive with ROSAesROJO

SuperVive with ROSAesROJO

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ROSAesROJO dismantles income, language, and education barriers to health and well-being for Hispanic women and their families in the US by delivering culturally tailored and accessible chronic disease and cancer prevention programs.

With your support, we will educate more Hispanic women on nutrition, mental health and physical activity, making them to feel informed and in control of their health.

Roll up the sleeves and SuperVive with ROSAesROJO!

Please place all orders by 6pm CST on Wednesday, March 29th. All orders will be shipped directly to you! Contact Laura Mendivil at with questions!

  • 5 oz. pre-shrunk 100% cotton unisex tshirt

*Please note there are no refunds/exchanges as all items are custom made to order*