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Cam-Man Fundraiser T-Shirt (Youth & Adult Sizes)

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Orders must be placed by 6PM on Thursday, October 18th and will be delivered around the 1st week of November. No returns or exchanges. 


Around August 24th Camden (3) started experiencing normal cold symptoms. On August 27th, we took him into Urgent Care due to rapid & shallow breathing and he was given some prednisone for inflammation in his chest. As the week progressed he started to decline physically and experienced some strange symptoms. By Thursday, Aug 30th, he was having trouble walking, holding his head up and experiencing slurred speech. So, we brought him to the ER at Blank Children’s Hospital and subsequently were admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Very soon specialists from Pulmonology, Neurology and Infectious Disease were involved in Camden’s care. After a CT Scan, Spinal Tap and full head and spin MRI it was determined that Camden had inflammation within the Cervical Spinal Cord which is causing temporary paralysis in his neck muscles, right shoulder/arm and his right diaphragm and chest wall. Due to his respiratory issues Camden was intubated for a week and half as he was unable to breathe or cough deeply and clear his secretions on his own. Camden’s labs were sent to the CDC in Atlanta for testing and it was confirmed that he caught Enterovirus D68. The only thing that is really known about this virus is that, for those that experience the temporary paralysis (most will just catch a normal cold), every case is different and there is no set path that will be followed. We have now been in the PICU for 5 weeks and are still unsure what the road ahead looks like. We know that Camden has made huge strides in his breathing and is gaining strength every day through his many therapy sessions. We are hoping that next week will take us out of the PICU and we’ll be able to move on to an inpatient rehab facility. Eventually Camden will be coming home, but will most likely be on some sort of oxygen support and will need continued outpatient therapy for an unknown amount of time (this could be a year or more). At this point we will keep the Faith, stay the course and patiently pray that Camden’s little body will return to 100%.

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Length 22 23 1/2 25
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Length 28 29 30 31 32 33 34