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The Heart and Brain is born with a fighters mentality. Building a fighters mentality takes heartful and mindful proactive steps to keep the heart and brain strongly connected. Building a fighters mentality is good for you, your family and your professional life. Most of all our health. understand that your heart and mind is a very powerful tool when it comes to managing stress, reaching your goals and finding happiness. A One-Two punch in fighting is like the pumping system of the heart beat. Which also takes the strength from the mind to calculate a combination of two blows delivered in rapid succession in fighting, Usually a left hand punch immediately followed by a right cross punch or Vise-Versa, if the fighter is a left handed, it would be a right hand punch immediately followed by a left cross punch, which we turned Fight Boy One Two and Fight Girl One Two into a local made brand created out of Des Moines, IA. We pretty much breed Fighters and Wrestlers here in Iowa, Also named the the “Heartland”. We came together with the idea to promote our brand at the same time this COVID-19 virus has attacked our country. We not only did this to represent our brand.We added the COVID-19 to the brand to represent the Doctors and Nurses that are fighting Non stop to surpress the COVID-19 and for the patients that have the virus and to those that are fighting for there life’s We also send our Condolences to the Family of the loved Ones who have lost the fight. So we send our Prayers with Love from Des Moines, IA and around the world we say keep Fighting Boys and Girls Keep Fighting.

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